About us

Your partner in workwear and profile products – everything in the standard that your workplace requires.

Why C Supply?

  • We offer customers unique webshops with a customized range for your company
  • Streamline and organize your company’s purchases
  • We print all workwear inhouse
  • We ship worldwide
  • We have knowledge of what standard that’s required – do not pay for more than needed

The benefit of customized webshops

Organized and easy

With just a few clicks the purchase is done. The company controls the range displayed in the shop. All employees have a specific range to order from. The clothes are therefore in line with the company, have the right logo and the right type of standard. The company gets a clear overview of what is ordered.

Time-efficient and money-saving

All purchasing is faster since the employee does not need to go to a physical store – all purchases are made online with just a few clicks. The employee can therefore spend their working time doing their job – instead of spending time shopping for clothes. If desired, employees can also shop on a fixed budget.

Our mission is to provide you, as an employer, with the safety equipment and knowledge you need for your employees to be safe. Our vision is that you feel confident knowing your employees are safe.

We are here for you and provide friendly, personal service and professional advice. We are committed to working with you to find the right product, with the right quality. We will be there for you every step of the way, hoping to establish a relationship and learn all about your business’ ongoing needs.