HiVis Extreme

HiVis Extreme – the collection where you can lift, sit, stretch or twist without the workwear preventing your movement.

Wenaas new visibility collection HiVis Extreme has been developed in collaboration with people working in the construcion industy. The combination of Wenaas own experience and competence with the workers knowledge made it possible to develop an ergonomic workwear line made in 4-way stretch for maximum mobility. This to encrease optimal mobility for the user without compromising functionality, fabric quality and color reproduction.


The curved garments have their own design that is different from the men’s/unisex models with curving and flattering cuts that highlight the female shape.

Stretch products are a perfect opportunity to get a good fit on women’s models. 4-way stretch is very adaptable for the ladies’ shape. This is ending the epoke where women are swimming in large clothes that are made for completely different bodies than theirs. The collection has been nicknamed “Curved” which is recognizable on the outside of the clothes.


The HiVis Extreme collection mainly consists of large panels with stretch fabric with only areas that are reinforced on the outside of the stretch material. This provides superb comfort and optimal moveablility when wearing the garments.


There are many things that must fit together in such a development: weight, weave, structure and qualities.
HiVis and 4-way stretch is a difficult combination. This has something to do with the composition of the fabric – how the different fibers manage to reproduce color.

In areas with wear or in areas where stretch is not appropriate e.g. to keep a shape in a waistband, we use non-stretch fabric. These withstand more of a stretch and hold their shape better. Reinforcements we use are based on nylon.



For this new collection the fabrics have been really important. Weenas have thought about weight, weaving, composition and qualities. For HiVis Extreme thay have found the best combination of 4-way stretch and fabric with very good qualities when it comes to reproducing color. The 4-way stretch is also experienced not to be as cold on cold days, such as stretch often can be due to a large proportions of synthetic materials.

Optimal movement

Trousers where the main fabric is in a 4-way stretch that provides optimal opportunity for movement. The fit shape is narrow and ergonomically designed – which makes it very comfortable.

Segmented reflecting tapes

Segmented reflecting tapes give increased mobility. Segmented reflecting tapes do not prevent the stretch in the fabric from being stretchable – therefore the garments feel stretchable even on areas where there is a reflecting tapes.

Specially adapted waistband

Specially adapted waistband with elevation at the back. Wide belt strap that helps the belt sit where it should.

Detachable front pockets

Hanging pockets that can be removed or put in the pocket behind.

Trouser legs can be extended

You can easily extend the trousers by up to 5 cm. Button for adjusting leg width.

Loose back pockets

The back pockets are not sewn at the bottom for increased comfort and mobility.

Cordura®-reinforced on wear-exposed areas such as knees

Shaped knee pockets, so that the pocket follows the natural shape of the knee area – provides increased mobility. Two heights in the knee pocket which ensures optimal placement of the knee pad just how the user’s wishes.

Shaped for the ladies and 4-way stretch

Stretch in the garments makes you move more easily. The garments are more shaped after your body.

Good ventilation

Zipper along the knee pad pocket which provides extra ventilation and extra space for increased mobility.

Zippers and buttons without metal

Reverse coil zippers without metal. The zipper girders have a zipper protector at the end where the girder can be hidden when the zipper is closed. All buttons are metal free.